About us

For those of you who don't know me, I am Nina Devon. A former model and actress from the early 2000’s. After years in the entertainment industry, I switched careers and began working with wildlife and exotic animals. Switching hats again, I've taken a passionate hobby and have created a line of intimate products made specially for you.

Nina Devon From Me to You is a unique company building fully custom handmade products focusing on sex positivity. Whether you’re hetero, gay, bi or asexual, I'm here to design the perfect piece to suit your sensual needs. No two items are alike, each is rustically unique and assembled from scratch by hand.

Just like me and just like you, my products are perfectly imperfect and artfully flawed. Perfection has been overvalued in our society and I believe that flawed is shamelessly beautiful. For as is said “True beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Your sexuality is a part of who you are and there is pride in knowing your true self and owning your desires. Defy the stigmas and be who you are. My soaps represent the cleansing of insecurities. My body butters are representative of the armor you wear to combat the stereotypes. My candles are your amour- propre blazing through the indignities! I bless each piece and pour love into everything I create. Use it, wear it, light it, for it is you who gains the power. That is my gift, from me to you.

Promoting Sex Positivity

Let me design a custom version handmade from me to you

Choose every feature from shape, vessel, scent, to color and everything in between! If there is a characteristic you'd like but don't see listed, shoot me an email and I'll try to get it for you. Please allow additional processing time to order any special ingredients you seek that aren't immediately in stock. Note that a 3- 7 day production time should be expected to allow time to create your custom piece(s).